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#005 My Precious – I Love Daddy (For Baghdad) (live)

One moment, Zool is projecting the punchy, elastic groove of his roiling bassline while coursing overhead, hand-hoisted like a passing angel; the next–POW!—he’s carried off towards the back of the room by some merry pranksters and then–out the door! We crack up (someone in the audience has a wild cackle!) as the rest of the band holds fort. Our favourite screamo duo, Kyn and Rina, are in ferocious form, taking us through a feral climax but then sounding a little shaken during the breakdown in which Dyn manages to transmogrify a bummed chord into SY Evol-era arpeggios. At some point, Zool returns to the room, and everyone’s rallied together– here, a punchdrunk-singalong, there a clapped outro– these, all, precious moments.

mp3: My Precious – I Love Daddy (For Baghdad) (live at “The Venom in My Veins” launch party, Jun 18, 2005)


a paean to bootlegging,
to memory,
to ubiety,
and to the Unity
of the Song

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